About The Revenue Miner, aka Eric Gelb

Eric Gelb, The Revenue Miner™, specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies find new ways to generate revenue and expand their businesses. Eric unearths new revenue and new profits in the most unlikely places. The Revenue Miner creates innovative and valuable opportunities and sales and marketing programs in the most obscure places. Eric will drive new ideas, energize your organization and your management team and help you create new ways to put more money in your pocket! Eric is a copywriter, marketing genius, entrepreneur, professional speaker (Eric would be delighted to present and work with your group) and business and financial advisor to growing and troubled businesses both big and small. He also has an extensive financial background including over 15 years’ work experience with Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase bank and Fortress Investment Group. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1984 Eric joined PriceWaterhouse Coopers where he completed his CPA. After nearly three years with PwC, he entered Columbia University’s School of Business and earned his MBA degree in marketing and finance.As a ‘recovering accountant’ (a nickname given him by the media), Eric uses his right-brain CPA, finance and banking expertise plus his left-brain marketing creativity to deliver new and often overlooked ways to double and triple your sales. Eric’s favorite supreme value-added service is his one-of-a-kind Revenue Miner™ Business Makeover, specially tailor-made for you and your organization.Eric was a Senior Vice President with Citigroup where he as National Sales Manager for their Citicapital Bankers Leasing Unit and supervised a professional sales force of seven across the US and Canada. Under his watch, he grew new business volume by 14% from $641 million in 2003 to $734 million in 2004.Eric is the author of seven books including the Personal Budget Planner; Checkbook Management; 157 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill; 10 Minute Guide to Understanding Annual Reports & Prospectuses; Getting Started in Asset Allocation; and Book Promotion Made Easy; and the audio programs Promote Yourself & Your Business with Writing, and Six Super Marketing Secrets. mailto:EricGelb@RevenueMiner.com  


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  1. bob said


    I’m trying to determine what is in my best interest. I’ve been offered a 100% commission opportunity. Working off my current client list and any new business I generate.

    Alternatively, I have the opportunity to counter with a sales + commission option. Are there formulas, standards etc that I can use to come up a s+c proposal?

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