Welcome to The Revenue Miner!

WE HAVE MOVED. Please visit us at our new home at www.RevenueMiner.com  and join our continuing blog at: http://revenueminer.com/blog/

We are hands on, creative marketers, who continually mine the world to deliver new ways to put more money in your pocket.

 A good day for us is when we find a new way to generate revenue in your business.

 Most businesses and managers look for a nickel here and a dime there, but we look for the tweaks, twists and turns that generate quantum leap results. We’re looking for the change, big or perhaps small, that helps you leverage your business, grab a higher share of your customers’ wallets and pours money right to your bottom line.

 We have a finance and marketing background and have over 27 years of business experience from the biggest behemoth corporations like Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase to the smallest corner store…

The most important points are that we love what we do, love sharing ideas, strategies and tactics, and want to help you get ahead today. Sometimes the solution is a marketing or copywriting angle and other times a financial angle. We begin with a clean slate and turn over stone after stone…

 Thank you very much for joining our adventure. Stay tuned!!!

Eric Gelb, aka The Revenue Miner


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